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Nvr Enuff Polish - Christmas Town Review!

Well after Christmas, I finally have time to update all of my most recent Nvr Enuff collection reviews! Hurray! I was really excited about this collection because Christmas is one of my favorite times of year and I loooove The Nightmare Before Christmas. And of course, their collection did not disappoint! I was so pleased with the simple colors that they picked for this collection.

One thing I love so much about these ladies is that they do small, simple collections and they do them right! They picked the perfect number of polishes, the perfect colors, and they nailed the formulas and their inspirations perfectly. 10/10, as usual!!

Red holo jelly
First up in this collection is You Don't Have Claws At All. As many of you know, I'm on a never-ending quest to buy all of the red polishes in the world, so this was just another amazing addition to my collection! Like many of their recent polishes, this polish is passable as one coat, although I generally do two just to cover any spots that I might have missed.

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
It's such a beautiful red, I can't even handle it! I used this one in some Christmas nail art that I'll add at the end of this review just because I was happy with it. I used one coat over Diamonds and Rubies (Sally Hansen) on my thumb, one coat alone on my pointer finger, one coat over Velvet Rope (Color Club) on my middle finger, two coats of This Looks Like Fun! (also NEP) on my ring finger, and one coat over Cosmic (NEP) on my pinky. As always, this dried very fast and had a very glossy finish with a slightly textured look from the glitters. Absolutely love!

Baby blue jelly, holo dust, iridescent dust, and scattered white hexes
There's Frost On Every Window is an amazing addition to my collection, I'm so happy that they designed it the way they did! It really does remind me of falling snow in winter. This one is pretty sheer which is just so amazing for jelly sandwiches and layering, which I'm always a huge fan of.

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
I love how versatile this polish is because you can layer it, wear it alone, all kinds of jelly sandwiches...Just so many options! Not to mention it's such a beautiful shade of blue! This dries just as quickly as the rest of this brand (which is fast) unless you apply a pretty thick coat. I used one thin coat alone on my thumb, three thin coats on my pointer finger, one coat over December 2014 (Enchanted Polish) on my middle finger, two coats of This Looks Like Fun! (NEP) on my middle finger, and one coat over Sporty (NEP) on my pinky.

Gold/silver flakey topper
I used This Looks Like Fun! for my accent nail on almost this whole collection because it really just goes with everything and it just strikes me as being so wintery! Absolutely can't get enough of it. This one is "designed" to be a topper, but easily builds opacity to make a bold and sparkly mani in and of itself.

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
Gosh, I just love it so much. It's so shiny. I used one coat alone on my thumb, sandwhiched it with Interstellar (NEP) on my pointer finger (this was way prettier in person, it didn't show up very well in pictures), three coats alone on my middle finger, two coats over Glitzerland (OPI) on my ring finger, and one coat over Interstellar (NEP) on my pinky finger. I just love how much versatility this one has as well! It can be used as a topper, full coverage glitter, sandwhiches...Just so many uses for this whole collection!

Evergreen jelly with gold flakies
I know that I can't say this enough, but I love this polish. Christmastime has such a quintessentially Christmas color combination with evergreen and gold accents, but it just pulls it together all so perfectly. As with all of the others, this polish dries very quickly and builds opacity very well!

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
I've always loved green, and Christmastime is absolutely no exception. It was way more opaque than I anticipated for some reason, so I was even more happily surprised! I used two coats on my thumb, one coat on my pointer finger, one coat over Veruschka (Zoya) on my middle finger, two coats of This Looks Like Fun! (NEP) on my ring finger, and one coat over Apple (Zoya) on my pinky finger. I love that it applied so evenly that I could brighten the shade of green by putting a lighter shade of green under it!

Black/gunmetal/purple flakey
I've never seen a polish with this color combination before, so that and the flakies makes me love Making Christmas that much more. These ladies really are the queens of flakies! Making Christmas can be used as a topper, but it's so densely packed with glitters that it's quite easy to build opacity into a knockout mani in itself.

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
Making Christmas looks so amazing when it shifts in the light, these swatches really don't do it justice! I wanted to show more of how it looks dense, but it could easily be used as a topper as well. I used one coat alone on my thumb, three coats alone on my pointer finger, two coats over Camelot (A England) on my middle finger, two coats of London (Zoya) on my ring finger, and one coat over Camelot (A England) on my pinky finger. This polish is so much more beautiful in person, I wish pictures could capture the layers it has! As always, the formula and dry time were perfect.

For my last little Christmas Town mani here I used two coats of Christmastime on my pointer and middle fingers, two coats of You Don't Have Claws At All on my pinky finger, and Alpine Snow (OPI) with Velvet Rope (Color Club) candy cane stripes on my thumb and ring fingers. It was so festive! I used multiple thicknesses of straight nail vinyls from @teismom on Instagram for this look.

As always, these polishes were sent to me at a discounted rate for my honest review and swatches, and everything that I've shared is 100% my honest opinion.

I don't believe that these are currently in stock, but I recommend checking nonetheless and getting whatever you can possibly grab! Make sure that you follow @nvrenuffpolish on Instagram to get all of the updates on any upcoming releases and/or restocks! 

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