Monday, December 29, 2014

Nvr Enuff Polish - Unidentified Flying Holo Review!

I've been avoiding this blog post for so long since I wanted to have sun shots for such magnificent holo polishes, but I don't want to let it sit on the back burner for so long that I forget to do it! So hopefully someday soon I'll have sun pictures to add to it, but for now I have some pretty good indoor pictures to show off all of the beautiful holos that the ladies of Nvr Enuff cooked up.

As I've said before, I love collections this size! They don't break the bank, you accumulate fewer untrieds, and the quality is always just perfect! After hosting a "name this polish" giveaway for a holo topcoat, Lynnae and Alix fell in love with one of the names that didn't win (UFH - Unidentified Flying Holo) and decided to create a collection just because of the name. That's the kind of awesome customer-to-creator relationship that I love with them! Not to mention that it spawned this collection. Let me just say before I start, all of the swatches below have no top coat. They all have very little clean up required, if any. These polishes are overall some of the best quality polishes that I own. Just a fair warning!

Silver/gold holo
I don't even know what to classify Interstellar as since it doesn't really match any of my silver or gold polishes, but I most definitely love it! It's the sheerest of the set, but still builds opacity very well and would probably be great for sandwiches or even as a topper.

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
I just want to sit here and stare at my screen, it looks so beautiful! For this mani, I used two coat on my thumb, three coats on my pointer finger, one coat over two coats of Glitzerland (OPI) on my middle finger, and sandwiched it with This Looks Like Fun! (also Nvr Enuff) on my pinky. My ring finger is three coats of Godiva from Zoya and the little heart charm is from @charminglysimplenailart on IG. As I said before, this one was a little thin but still built up opacity very quickly and applied very evenly.

Cranberry red holo
Oh my gooooodness, Cosmic is probably one of my all-time favorite polishes or things of any sort on the planet. The opacity is amazing, the color is perfect, the clean up is not even a thing...I could go on forever.

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
This color is just so perfect for everyday wear, holidays, just any possible reason ever to put this on. I used one coat on my thumb, two on my pointer, one coat over one coat of Velvet Rope (Color Club) on my middle finger, and one coat over one coat of You Don't Have Claws At All (also Nvr Enuff) on my pinky. My ring finger is two coats of Chyna from Zoya and the charm is from @charminglysimplenailart again.

True black holo
I say "true black" because I've gotten black holos before and been a bit disappointed since the holo used by the maker tends to make the polish lean more towards grey, but Meteoric is a stunner. Not only does it truly look black to me, it's without a doubt the most opaque black holo that I've ever seen. Carefully applied, it could even be a one-coater. Yowza.

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
I can't even begin to describe my experience with this polish since I was so surprised by it on so many fronts! In short, it's the perfect black holo. That about sums it up. For one, the opacity is off the charts, the holo dusting is just perfect, and there's no staining/clean up issues. I can't gush about it enough! By the way, did I mention that none of the polishes on this post have top coat at all? Yeah, they're all that glossy and perfect by themselves. I used one coat on my thumb, two coats on my pointer finger, one coat over one coat of Camelot (A England) on my middle finger, and sandwiched it with Making Christmas (also Nvr Enuff) on my pinky. My ring finger is two coats of Dahlia from Zoya and the charm is also from @charminglysimplenailart on IG.

Navy blue holo
What's this, another perfect blue? Extraterrestrial is really just that. It's an alien. This can't be people technology. Another shockingly pigmented masterpiece, this beauty just has to be seen to be believed. And even then, I still don't believe that it's a thing that exists (and I own it???).

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
See, I wouldn't lie to you guys. Another perfect polish. I used one coat of this beauty on my thumb, two coats on my pointer finger, one coat over one coat of Yoga-ta Get This Blue (OPI) on my middle finger, and one coat over one coat of Iolite (also Nvr Enuff) on my pinky. My ring finger is three coats of Nyx from Zoya and the charm is again from @charminglysimplenailart on IG.

Direct Sun
A while after I did this review, I finally had the chance to get a sun shot! So here's a better view of all of the UFHs and how they look in direct sun.

As always, these polishes were sent to me at a discounted rate for my honest review and swatches, and everything that I've shared is 100% my honest opinion.

Since I took horrifically long to post this (I'm so sorry!), I'm not positive if any of these are still available, but I recommend checking and getting whatever you can possibly grab! The store is currently under maintenance for the holidays, but I'm sure those two magnificent ladies will be back with a vengeance for next year! And make sure you follow @nvrenuffpolish on Instagram to get all of the updates on any upcoming releases and/or restocks! 

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  1. I purchased Meteoric from a blog sale and I gotta say, I'm not all that impressed. Looking at the bottle I can see tons of holo but when I swatched it I didn't see much holo except on a hard angle. I'm going to try it over Aquabase to see if it will amp up the holo-ness. I have Color Club Beyond which has such a strong holo and compared with Meteoric, well, there's no comparison because Beyond is like BAM!! lol