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Nvr Enuff Polish - Fright Night Review!

Keeping in typical Allison fashion, I'm about two months late for this post, but I promise it'll still be a good one! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I got really weighed down with life and school this semester so my blog posts have been at the back of my mind. But let's forget about that, shall we? It's almost a new year, which means more blog posts! If all goes as planned, I actually have two to post tonight and one tomorrow. I'll be all caught up! 

First up in my blog fest is the Fright Night collection from Nvr Enuff Polish! Obviously this was intended to be a Halloween/scary movie collection, but as with all of their polishes, I really think you could wear them at any point in the year and they'd look just wonderful.

I love that they always have fairly small collections like this! It makes it much easier for everyone to be able to purchase the whole collection, for one, and it ensures that they focus on the quality and details of every little polish. (Which, I promise you, they do!)

Cobalt blue jelly with lots of fun glitters and happiness
First up in this party is Requiem For A Dream. I quite possible have more blues in my collection than any other color, and yet this was so very hard to match for layering! As frustrating as that is for my OCD, it's so amazing to see these ladies create yet another unique blue for my collection. And boy, is this one a doozy!

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
Outdoor (Shade)
What did I tell you?! Requiem For A Dream was just so yummy I wanted to die. Sadly the sun was gone before I finished this swatch, so there's no glorious sun pictures, but it looks so good in any lighting that it doesn't really matter! As with all of their polishes, this beauty dried very fast and had an amazingly easy application. For this mani, I used two coats alone on my thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers, one coat over Yoga-ta Get This Blue (OPI) on my middle finger, and one coat over Camelot (A England) on my ring finger. I also mattefied (mattified?) my pointer finger because DUH? It looks so amazing matted! I also hand painted a little syringe on my ring finger to go along with the Requiem For A Dream theme.

Another juicy jelly with some magnificent glitters, this time in cranberry red
Next up is The Shining. As you might expect, this one is also horrifyingly perfect! These ladies will never cease to amaze me with their ability to make such pigmented polishes that still leave no stains and are just a breeze to put on. But to the swatches!

Direct Sun
Unfortunately since this is such a bright red, it made my camera explode and washed out my skin a lot which threw off the color of the polish as well. But you can still see how pretty it is! As always, the application for this was just wonderful. Despite being a juicy jelly polish, it only took two coats to get this opacity and they both dried very quickly. On top of that I did some black "blood?" drips using Camelot (A England) and mattefied every other nail because you're supposed to matte jellies! Definitely a must-have polish for me, as with every other one they make...

Baby blue creme with small glitters and glows in the dark!
Donnie Darko has to be my favorite of this collection just because I can't get enough glow in the dark polishes! Not to mention it's sheer perfection anyway...I'm gonna go ahead and describe this as "electric baby blue," because that's really what it feels like to me. It's full of delicious flakies and glitter and I just can't possibly say more nice things about it!

Indoor (Daylight Bulb)
What did I tell you?! Again, another perfect blue. The most surprising thing about this polish to me was how easy it was to apply even though it was GITD. Every GITD polish I've ever gotten has been just a horrible experience to get on and off (although usually worth it because I love glowy), but I didn't have nearly those problems with Donnie Darko. The consistency was still a little bit thicker than normal since there were GITD pigments, but it was still pretty easy to work with. I used three coats on all nails and attempted to draw a little bunny on my ring finger, but he sort of looks like an alien.

Fabulous soft pink crelly with microglitters
I'm gonna be honest with you, Valley of the Dolls was only second on my list for this collection because it didn't glow in the dark. Despite having had pink hair in the past, I'm not really a huge pink polish fan because it's generally so boring to me, but I abso-freaking-lutey love this polish. It went on so smooth, the glitters distributed so evenly, and it was just overall perfect. I kind of want to go put it on right now after thinking about it so much.

Direct Sun
This shade of pink looked amazing with my skin tone, applied so smoothly, and was just overall fantastic, as I've said. I used two coats of Valley of the Dolls on all nails except my accent which was a base of Alpine Snow (OPI) and some pills! I also dotted some of Valley of the Dolls and Rescued (Pure Nail Polish) around the pills. This whole collection was a stunner, but I think I can see myself using this polish the most. It dried so quickly and required no clean up so it's great for last minute manis, not to mention the color scheme of it works really well for so many occasions! (Namely Valentine's and BCA) 

As always, these polishes were sent to me at a discounted rate for my honest review and swatches, and everything that I've shared is 100% my honest opinion.

Since I took horrifically long to post this (I'm so sorry!), I'm not positive if any of these are still available, but I recommend checking and getting whatever you can possibly grab! All polishes are $8.75 each (15ml)/$3.75 each (5ml) for the remaining shades. The store is currently under maintenance for the holidays, but I'm sure those two magnificent ladies will be back with a vengeance for next year! And make sure you follow @nvrenuffpolish on Instagram to get all of the updates on any upcoming releases and/or restocks! 

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