Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nvr Enuff Polish - Candy Land Review!

Oh my gosh, an actually on-time blog post?! What is this!? This collection sold out so quickly that the wonderful ladies of Nvr Enuff are working their pretty butts off to get them restocked later this week or next week (early February 2015). So get your wishlist ready! To kick off the new year, Lynnae and Alix made another small and perfect collection devoted to the magnificent world of Candy Land. Honestly, these might be four of my favorite polishes to date. Of theirs or anyone else's. THEY'RE JUST SO GREAT.

Is this not just the perfect, most sparkly collection? I played the Candy Land board game when I was little (not to mention I've always been a fan of candy in general), so I was excited to see this collection come to life! One of my favorite parts about swatching for ladies my age is we all had similar interests in our childhood so I get to relive fun things every time they make a collection.

A light blue jelly packed to the brim with holo glitters, and a hidden pink fleck!
Dries slightly textured, use top coat for a smooth shine!
Queen Frostine is such a beautiful blue with LITERALLY the most hidden pink shimmer! In person it's much more apparent, but for some reason this polish really just photographs as blue. You can see a hint of the pink shift in the top right edge of my bottle macro, but that's about it. In any case, Queen Frostine is slightly textured without a topcoat just like this whole collection, but it looks beautiful both ways. It dries very quickly and builds opacity just as amazingly as the rest of their collections.

I think this polish really complements my skin tone very well, so if you're a pale chica like me - get on this right quick! I really loved the slight texture that all of the glitters gave this whole collection. It was still smooth enough that it didn't get caught on shirts or anything, but it had an interesting look! I used Plastered In Pink (Painted Polish) for my thumb to show off the pink in Queen Frostine, two coats of QF alone on my pointer finger, two coats of QF with topcoat on my middle and ring fingers, and one coat of QF over Camelot (A England) on my pinky finger with topcoat.

A super holo gold dense glitter with sparks of pink and blue holo!
King Kandy is probably my second favorite from this collection. It has such a unique combination of glitters that it could really but used as an accent nail for so many manis! I just love how much versatility these ladies give their collections. As with the others, this one is slightly textured without topcoat and still dries and applies very well.

Do you see all of the different colors show up?! It's so amazing they even managed to cram them all into one bottle! For this swatch I used two coats on my thumb, one coat on my pointer finger, one coat sponged on my middle finger, two coats of Afterglow (NEP) on my ring finger, and one coat of King Kandy over one coat of Afterglow (NEP) on my pinky finger. This polish was so dense with one free coat, seeing how dense it was sponged on was just astounding! The time that sponging saves for me makes me so excited because it means I could just throw this on in minutes and look all sparkly and awesome.

A dense gold flakey with light pink and bright pink holo glitters,
dries slightly textured but smooths out perfectly with top coat!
I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, the ladies of Nvr Enuff constantly make me love pink! They're trying to convert me! After using this polish, I absolutely know what I'm doing for my Valentine's nail art because it's just so romantic and perfect. As with the others, the textured effect was subtle enough to not snag on everything but still looked very cool! I used topcoat on all my nails to show the depth of the sparkles, but it still looked beautiful without it.

It's so pink and gold and just a;joiefja; so much love. Again for this I used two coats on my thumb, one coat on my pointer finger (HOW DENSE IS THAT ON ITS OWN??), one coat sponged on my middle finger, two coats of Afterglow (NEP) on my ring finger, and one coat over one coat of Afterglow (NEP) on my pinky finger. 

A deep jelly purple with packed with purple, burgundy, and maroon glitters!
Dries slightly textured, but with top coat shines like a dream!
Are you ready for my favorite polish of the collection?! In all fairness, all of the others tied for second, but this purple is just drop dead beautiful. I might get a shirt that says "I own Lord Licorice from Nvr Enuff Polish" so that people bow to me in the streets. The biggest sign that this is a polish you need in your collection is that it would not photograph as pretty as it actually is! For some reason, all of the most beautiful polishes in the world just refuse to be photographed well.

The base of Lord Licorice is so deep and vampy and the glitters are so bright and cheery, I just love the combination of the two. I just want to pour it all over everything that I own! For this swatch I used two coats on all of my nails except my accent nail which is Radiantly Wrecked (Painted Polish). Again, this looked beautiful with no topcoat, but it really brought out the shine in the glitter. 

Overall, this entire collection is just a must-have. I recommend stalking the heck out of their Instagram to see when this restock will be so you don't miss out! 

As always, these polishes were sent to me at a discounted rate for my honest review and swatches, and everything that I've shared is 100% my honest opinion.

As I said, these polishes are all currently out of stock, but will be restocked sometime in late January or early February. I recommend heading over to nonetheless and getting whatever you can possibly grab anyway! Make sure that you follow @nvrenuffpolish on Instagram to get all of the updates on any upcoming releases and/or restocks! 

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