Friday, February 27, 2015

Nail Crazies Unite! - February

I'm so excited to be taking part of this fun group! Two of my favorite IG girls (@cdbnails143 and @roselynn787) created this challenge as an easier way to do themed monthly challenges without the insane task of doing intricate nails every day or two. Some people with full time jobs and/or kids miss out on things like this because they just don't have the time to join in. So I was thrilled to get to see this supportive group and time-friendly challenge! I'll be uploading all of my pictures for each week of the challenge on both my blog and my Instagram, so make sure you check back for them and look out for other members' posts as well!

Week 1: Anti Vday

For this week's design I did some negative candy hearts over a pink to red gradient. The gradient was done using Cutie Pop (ILNP Brand), Yes Your Majesty (Stardust Polish), and Briarwood (A England) and the hearts and letters were done using acrylic paint. I really love this design! This one was using Simply Quick Top Coat from @simplenailarttips on IG.

I also mattefied my previous look because it made it a little easier to read the words, but I love it matte too! 

Week 2: Love Song

I got a little behind with this challenge due to school and real life, but I still wanted to upload my pieces for each one even though they weren't included in the InLinkz because I missed the deadlines for weeks 2 and 3. For week two I decided to do Enjoy Your Day by Alkaline Trio because it's one of my favorite love songs, even if it's a sad one. I used Peppermint Twist from Laquerlicious (now Polish 'M) for my pointer and middle fingers and Love Fool from Bliss Polish on my ring and pinky fingers. I used acrylic paint to write Enjoy Your Day, Veruschka from Zoya for the rose stems, and finally Velvet Rope and Killer Curves from Color Club for the petals. I did this in both matte and glossy, but for some reason the matted version just seemed more fitting to me.

Week 3: Candy

For my candy design I chose to do Hot Tamales because they're my favorite candy in the world! This design was actually really easy to do, I'll have to remember it in the future. I used Over and Over A-Gwen from OPI for my base and freehanded the Hot Tamale edges with Mrs. Mia Wallace from Urban Decay. After that I added small "highlights" using Peppermint Twist from Laquerlicious again and used a wax effect topcoat to make it look more like candy. I really loved these!

Week 4: Fruit

These might have been my favorite nails for this whole challenge! I thought about doing a different type of fruit, but since it was near Valentine's day I thought the chocolate-dipped strawberries would be fitting. I used Valley of the Dolls from Nvr Enuff Polish for the base, Cosmic from Nvr Enuff Polish for the strawberries, acrylic paint for the seeds, Dragon from A England for the stems, and Hot Chocolate for Unicorns for the tips. I think these worked well with my nail shape and they looked so fun! 


  1. Love all of your looks, especially the candies! This group looks like a lot of fun, I think I'll start doing the prompts in March! :)

  2. Thank you so much! You should definitely join, we have people of every skill level and it's so supportive and fun!