Friday, June 6, 2014

Family Appreciation Nail Art #4 - Coffee, Teaching, and More!

Sorry I was MIA for so long, I've been fighting tooth and nail to finish this quarter strong and get into a child development undergrad program! As a reward for your patience, I've saved up a few posts that I think you will enjoy. First up is my final family appreciation post (for the time being). I saved my mom for last because she, like many moms, is probably my biggest fan. She is constantly looking at my Instagram (and updating me on how many followers I have, thanks Mom!) and liking/complimenting everything that I do. As you've seen from the last few family posts that I've done, I have quite a bit in common with all of my family members, but personality-wise I'm probably closest to my mom. As a result, her nail art is sort of an amalgamation of a lot of different things that we have in common or that remind me of her. So here we go!

First up is my thumb. This one was slightly more related to the names/themes of  the polishes than the actual design itself. Blue is my mom's favorite color though, so it worked out well! For the base I used two coats of "The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway" from Royal Polish. And yes, I am a 6 year old at heart, so I've seen Frozen about a million times. My mom is a third grade teacher, so of course she knows all about it too! On top of that, I did one coat of "Men of Letters LE" from Supernatural Lacquer in the center of the nail. I just used the stock brush for this, so it's not perfect, but still pretty even. My mom used to watch Supernatural with me all of the time in high school, so every polish I get from this amazing brand reminds me a little of her! On top of THAT, I did one very thin strip of "Alpine Snow" from OPI. My mom was born in Colorado and used to ski as a child, so this one reminded me of her as well. I also used the stock brush for this, so the line isn't perfect. I was really happy with the final effect on this one! Very simple, but pretty.

For my pointer finger I decided to do a galaxy nail again. Every time I do galaxy nails my mom absolutely loves them, so I thought I should do one for the nails that were dedicated to her! This is probably one of my favorite color combinations that I've done and I really wish pictures did it justice. I liked it so much that I did my right hand all galaxified and did a tutorial on it! Since I'm going to have an entire post about how I did this nail and all of my right hand, I'll skip the spamming of polishes and mini tutorial on this one.

For my middle finger I decided to do another gradient. I am honestly obsessed with gradients and I do them whenever physically possible! In fact, I think I may make another post about them later today. I'm in a blogging mood. Anyways! For this I used a base of "Butt Bootie Naked" from Lacquer Lust. This is one of my all-time favorite polishes! On top of that I sponged "BBN," "Wooden Shoe Like to Know?" from OPI, and "Little Brown Dress" from Essie. I was pretty happy with it plain, but I decided to add a little nail art design of what inspired this color combination: coffee! My mom and I are both avid caffeinistas, a word that I really hope I was the first to think of. For this, I used "Alpine Snow" again and mixed in a little of "BBN" on the top of the cup and for the little swirly coffee lines, or whatever those are. For the little heart at the bottom, I used a dotting tool and "Yes Your Majesty" from Stardust Polish.

For my ring finger, I decided to do a sort of recreation of the apple mani that I did for an untried challenge hosted by two of my favorite Amys on Instagram. My mom is a teacher and I'm in school to be a teacher, so apples are obviously like half of what I eat. If only that were the case...Anyway! I used a base of two coats of "Totes Magotes!" from Dollish Polish. So glad I got this while it was available, I live by this minty holo! On top of that, I used the stock brush and "Yes Your Majesty" to make the little apple. I used a thin line of "Little Brown Dress" to make the stem and used some of my "Alpine Snow/BBN" mixture from my coffee nail to give it a little shading. I was surprised how much I liked this nail since I didn't think my original apple mani looked like an apple at all! I gotta represent my home state though. :)

For my pinky, I actually represented my mom's home state! She (along with most people in my house) is a huuuuge, huge Broncos fan. Unreasonably huge. She grew up in the Denver suburbs and has remained a die hard fan in her years away from the state. So I decided to do a John Elway nail! I used a base of one coat of "Ay Poppy!" from Cult Nails and a 7 I dabbed on using "Absolutely Alice" from OPI. For those of you who don't know this, I'm a huge Alice fan and I was so thrilled when a wonderful lady I follow on Instagram was selling hers! Again, I just used the stock brush for this. I guess I was just anti-nail art brushes on this mani. Topped them all off with Cover Me top coat from Jior Couture and went on with my day!

I honestly wore this for like three days, which is a pretty long time for me. Partially because I was so busy with school, and partially because I liked it so much I didn't want to remove it!

Hopefully you all enjoyed my last family-inspired mani for the time being!