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Lemming Lacquer - Curiosities From Wonderland Review!

Hello all! A few days later than I intended, I have the full Curiosities From Wonderland collection to review for you from Lemming Lacquer. This is Cassie's first collection and it's absolutely wonderful! She did a magnificent job covering so many different types of polishes in one collection and doing them all so well. I was especially impressed with how professional and polite she was with me when asking me to swatch, she really sold me on her commitment to professionalism and quality in her products!

A little breakdown of this collection for those of you who haven't seen my IG swatches: three jellies with glitter, one thermal jelly with glitter, one glitter topper, one holo, and one duochrome holo. Seven polishes in all, this collection was designed to encompass several different forms of Alice In Wonderland stories, video games, and movies!

First up I have two juicy coats of Ravens & Writing Desks. I decided to accent the colors of the glitter on my ring finger using Morning Dew (Stardust Polish) and stamping with my 2-03 plate from Uber Chic Beauty. On top of that I drew a couple of ravens using black acrylic paint. I reeeeally love this polish! It went on very smoothly and evenly, the glitters distributed so well, and it dried very quickly. Whenever I see polishes that have this much glitter in them, I expect the polish base to have much less pigment so that the glitters are visible when layered, but I think R&WD has just the perfect amount. You can still see the different layers of glitter and the base is still very squishy, but it was only two coats! I'm also a huge fan of this unique jungle green, I think it looks very flattering on my pale skin.

Next up is Eat Me, the glitter topper from this collection. As I've said before, this might be one of my very favorite manis that I've ever done! I'm so thrilled that it came together as I expected. I did a corner gradient over white using Gossip Mag (Trust Fund Beauty), Funny Bunny (B Squared Lacquer), Bees Knees (BSL), Sprout (BSL), Rachel (Mentality Polish), and Viola (BSL) on my pointer, middle, and pinky nails. I also used the same colors to gradient stamp on my ring finger using my Alice 03 plate from MoYou London. On top of all of my other nails, I used one coat of Eat Me! I'm so excited about this polish. I really don't own very many glitter toppers because they tend to get left out of collections and for whatever reason I just don't buy many solo. I love how versatile this is that it can create more complex manis like this, a simple accent nail, a jelly sandwich, YOU NAME IT. I was also pleased with how jam-packed it was! I was expecting to have to put at least two coats just to get all of the colors on there, but it was surprisingly easy for me to cover the whole nail and get the whole rainbow with one quick swipe.

Next up we have two squishy coats of Drink Me. It's so hard to say since I really love all of these, but I think this may be my favorite. I can't even handle it! I love polishes like this make me look super pale because they're so dark and vampy, it's one of my favorite things about polish at all! This one also holds a special place in my heart since it was designed based off of Alice: Madness Returns from American McGee which is one of my all-time favorite video games. I think Cassie captured the dark nature of that game and Alice's shrinking hiccups perfectly! As with R&WD, this one distributed very evenly and dried very quickly! This polish is everything that I was hoping that Cosmic Forces would be when I first saw it, it's dark and ominous with bright glitters and I just love it. I used an accent nail of three coats of Fabled (Illyrian Polish) stamped with Posh (Nvr Enuff Polish) and my MoYou London Alice 03 plate again.

Next up is the jelly thermal I'm Not All There Myself. Initially, I didn't even realize that this one was a thermal until Cassie reminded me and I'm so very happy that she did! I just thought that it was another gorgeous jelly, but who knew it was two gorgeous jellies in one?! I used two coats over a nude base to reduce VNL during transition, but I was surprised to see that it seemed unnecessary since it looked opaque enough without the extra effort. This polish is a bright fuchsia when warm and a deep blurple when cold - encompassing all of the lovely colors of our favorite Cheshire Cat from the 1951 Disney version of Alice In Wonderland! One of my favorite things about this polish is that the glitters match each respective shade so well that they quite literally disappear during each transition! I'll explain this a little bit better with the larger shots as that sentence was just about as confusing as the Cheshire Cat himself.

As you can see in this picture, the lighter pink circle glitters are much less visible on the nail than they are in the bottle. She did so well matching them so that they would disappear and focus more on the darker purple glitters that nearly disappear when the polish is cold! Such a great amount of thought went into balancing this polish out in each stage, and it really shows.
Now in its cold state you can see the larger pink glitters much more than in the previous shot. I just love the attention to detail in this polish! Since I forgot to mention it before, my accent nail was Trick Or Treat (B Squared Lacquer) with strips of Avalon (A England) and an acrylic Cheshire grin. 

Next up is Her Imperial Viciousness, another favorite of mine! As luck would have it, I just happened to be wearing a red shirt when I swatched this, so it matched pretty well. This was also two squishy coats with wonderful coverage and glitter distribution! There were also black heart glitters in this that I only managed to get one of on my middle finger. I have very rounded nails so I tend to avoid larger glitters like that on purpose because they won't stay flat on my nails, but turning the bottle upside down for a couple minutes would certainly help if you wanted more hearts. On my accent nail I stamped using Alter Ego (Cirque Colors) and my plate 1-01 from Uber Chic Beauty. I'm such a huge fan of classic reds like this that make me look more pale than I am, it makes the polish look so bold and bright! 

This polish was actually the first polish that I noticed on Cassie's IG and thankfully I commented and she was sweet enough to offer me a chance to swatch for her! Before I forget, make sure you go follow her on Instagram so you don't miss out on any news considering new collections and any possible restocks of these! You won't be disappointed and she has a criminally low number of followers for the quality of her polish. This was two coats of Whooo R U? on all nails except my accent nail which was Scoundrel (Mentality Polish). I stamped using the opposite color on all nails using my Sailor 07 plate from MoYou London to give a hookah smoke sort of pattern to emphasize the inspiration of the polish. This one is so hard to capture on camera since it has so many hidden shimmers and looks so amazing from all angles, but I did get a video on my IG that absolutely won't load here so I'll just leave the link! 

The final polish that I have for you from this collection is Curiouser and Curiouser! This was two coats on all nails except my accent nail which was the fitting Miss Alice (Stardust Polish). This is such an amazing baby blue holo with a magnificent gold shimmer in it, it encompasses Alice so perfectly! I stamped some gold bows using Dapper (Mentality Polish) and my Alice 07 plate from MoYou London (again, I know, but it was so perfect for this collection!). 

Overall: This collection had astounding quality and creativity, especially for a debut collection from a new indie! Cassie blew me away with her inspiration (one of my favorite topics and stories of all time) and she translated them into unique but still very obviously fitting polishes. I'm very excited to see what else she has in store! 

Disclaimer: These polishes were all provided free of charge for my honest review,

This whole collection is still available for purchase from Lemming Lacquer ($65 for the whole collection, $16 for the Drink Me/Eat Me duo, and varying prices for each individual polish depending on the finish of it). I suggest getting in on this brand before she starts selling out instantly, her polishes are quite fantastic and I have it on good authority that she has more amazing things to come! 

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