Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lemming Lacquer - My Lemming Tis of Thee Trio and Bath Products Review!

Hello there! First up tonight is a slightly belated review for you since it included bath products that Cassie wanted me to try out for a few weeks before reviewing. First up I'll review the polish since it's a little less in-depth.

This collection consisted of two gorgeous and opaque holos and one glow-in-the-dark glitter topper. Not only are these all super patriotic, they're just such gorgeous colors, you really can't go wrong!

First up is two coats of Right of the People. This is one of the most perfect true red holos that I've ever seen. The application is so opaque and smooth that you could probably get away with one coat, but I usually do two just to make sure I cover any spots that I missed. Overall, A+++++! My red-loving self is all about this polish.

Next up is two coats of Blessings of Liberty. I was so surprised to find that I really have no polish in my collection that matches this color and quality! This was the same as Right of the People in that it probably could have been one coat easy. The application and color was just as perfect on this one, there really aren't any other words to describe it!

Daylight Bulb
After 30 Seconds Under Daylight Bulb
I was so excited to try out Pursuit of Happiness because I really don't have enough GITD polishes, and zero that are toppers! I was happy to discover that despite being GITD, this applied just as easily as any other glitter topper. I didn't have any issues with fishing for glitter either! I used one coat over Right of the People, Blessings of Liberty, and Alpine Snow (OPI).

The last look that I did with these was in combination with a duo from Painted Polish and Polish 'M. I used American Spirit (Polish 'M) for the base, did a glitter gradient using Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Holo (Painted Polish) on my pointer and pinky fingers, drew on some stars using Right of the People, and did some zigzag vinyls using Blessings of Liberty. I was so happy with these, very patriotic!

Next up in my review are the mani bombs that I received from Lemming Lacquer! These were a product that she just came out with, so she sent me a few new scents to play with and review.

The first one I tried out was the American Pie scented red white and blue star mani bomb! This one really does smell like cinnamon and fresh apples, it's entirely mouthwatering. I threw the mani bomb into this small bowl of water and soaked my hands in it for a few minutes, dried them off, and added lotion and cuticle oil! The mani bomb really made my hands feeling super smooth right away and it smelled absolutely amazing.

About a week after trying the American Pie scent, I went back for seconds with Tropical Fruit Breeze. I'm a huge fan of fruity scents and Alice, so I absolutely loved the design and scent of this one! You can't see it great in this picture, but this bomb has some microglitters and shimmer so you look nice and sparkly after your soak, I totally love it! I still have a couple of mani bombs to try, so I'll update you on those scents as well. I just didn't want to waste them all in a month!

The last thing that I was sent for review is this delicious new cuticle oil! As per her request, I've been using it exclusively since I received it, and let me tell you how glorious it is. It has a really smooth application, which I absolutely can't emphasize enough. The roller doesn't put too much on your hands and I haven't had any problems with it leaking in my purse, and I have with other rollers like this. The actual oil is really velvety and absorbs so quickly! Since the roller doesn't put too much on, I can pretty much get one good swipe over my cuticles and rub it in and I'm all set. I'm really in love with this! Not to mention, this scent might be one of my very favorites of anything. It's called Bedroom Hymns and I highly recommend it! It's a subtle but fruity scent with some musk undertones that's very unique and tantalizing, I honestly can't say enough nice things!

DISCLAIMER: These products were all sent to me for free from Lemming Lacquer to honestly review and these are all my honest opinions on the products that I received.

If you'd like to buy any of your own, these are all currently for sale in Lemming Lacquer's shop!

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