Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Family Appreciation Nail Art #1 - Baseball!

It has become exceedingly apparent to me in the past few months that I'm very lucky to have such a supportive family. I have a hobby that many consider frivolous and borderline strange, but my whole family is so supportive and excited about my nail art. Realizing this, I've decided to do nail art that reminds me of each one of them so that they know how much I appreciate their support and understanding.

I decided to pick my little sister, Emily, for the first spotlight. We've been at odds many times throughout our lives, but she still sticks up for me when people don't understand my obsession with polish. She compliments every mani I do. She likes everything I do on Instagram. She is an all-around cheerleader for my nail art, even though she herself doesn't really understand the interest. One of the main reasons that she is so supportive is that she knows what it's liked to get judged for an obsession, hers being sports. She has always loved them, and her love for them is infectious! And so, in her honor, I made some baseball nails to show you all. I used all nail polish for this, so I'll go through each nail to break down what I did! (All nails are using Jior Couture "Smooth Me" ridge filling base coat and "Cover Me" fast dry & seal top coat.)

On my thumb, I simply had a base of Butter London "Dosh" with a messily applied streaking of OPI "Skip the Gift Wrap." I used a fan brush to give it a sort of grass feel. Mind you, no self-respecting baseball field caretaker would allow their grass to look that ragged and unkempt!

For my pointer finger, I used a base of Butter London "Cuppa" and painted on rough lines with OPI "A-Taupe the Space Needle" (which was very fitting, considering the Seattle theme). After that dried a little, I sponged more "Cuppa" on top of it to give it a very battered, wooden feel. This nail, quite obviously, represents the bats! No batting gloves here!

Since I was born (and mostly raised) in the greater Seattle area, I went with Mariners' colors (teal and navy) on my middle finger. I used Pure Nail Lacquer "Overflow" for the base and did a chevron tip with OPI "Yoga-ta Get This Blue!" using nail vinyls from @teismom on Instagram.

For my ring finger, I attempted to create a zoomed-in baseball look. I used OPI "Alpine Snow" for the base and free-handed the stitches using Deborah Lippmann "Footloose."

For my pinky finger, I simply used Mineral Fusion "Galaxy" by itself since it had small navy hexes and larger green ones, it worked perfectly for this!

Do any of you guys have a baseball addiction? I'd love to hear stories! And thanks again for reading!


  1. I love this post, it brings together gorgeous nails and the two most bad ass people I know.

    1. And I love your face and whoever thought of your awesome username.

  2. What a gorgeous concept - love it <3